Home Maintenance Tips for Every Season

Home Maintenance Tips for Every Season

Nowadays, most homeowners tend to neglect their track of maintenance of home appliances and systems. This often leads to sudden breakdowns and hefty budgets. By staying informed and on track of your yearly maintenance, you will be able to extend the life of your units, systems and home as well.

Here are several home maintenance tips for every season.


  • Have furnace serviced by professionals on an annual schedule
  • Inspect wood burning stove connecting pipes and chimneys
  • Check gas appliances for unusual smells or leaks
  • Insulate pipes in the home’s attic and tiny crawl spaces
  • Clear debris out of gutters, window wells, downspouts, and storm drains
  • Check attic for adequate ventilation
  • Clean the clothes dry damper, exhaust duct, and space under the dryer appliance
  • Reduce heat loss by ensuring the ceiling around windows and doors are adequate
  • Clan the kitchen air filters and exhaust hood


  • Ensure that light bulbs are of correct wattage
  • Install a lightening protection system
  • Call an air conditioning expert to inspect and maintain system
  • Trim plants and shrubs near condensing units to ensure proper air flow
  • Check for roof damage
  • Check for drain sediments from water heater tank
  • Inspect the shutoff valve for every plumbing fixture to ensure each is functioning properly
  • Check hot and cold water supply hoses for leaks and deterioration


  • Check for system maintenance service annually to ensure the air condition works properly
  • Keep curtains closed during high temperatures
  • Use exhaust fans to remove excess humidity and heat when cooking
  • Close registers in rooms that are not used
  • Caulk and weather-strip all windows to close air gaps
  • Move furniture away from radiators, registers, and vents
  • Close the flue when fireplace not in use
  • Replace the filter on air units
  • Use fluorescent lights
  • Set thermostat at 78 degrees


  • Drain sprinkler systems and sediments from water hearts
  • Have a professional chimney sweep
  • Check painted surfaces for damage, failure and mildew.
  • Remove nests from chimney flues and electrical fixtures

A home warranty can help save you money and cover systems and appliances that require maintenance. While no plan will cover everything, a home warranty will help reduce costs and save you both time and money.

Image by: welcome.homeadvisor.com
Image by: welcome.homeadvisor.com